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SAFEHIP® AirX™ is a 100% textile hip protector with the protector shield based on AirX™ spacer fabric technology, which is a breathable, skin friendly and soft textile material. The AirX™ technology is your guarantee for optimal compliance. 


Unique features:

  • patented horse-shoe shaped shield designed to disperse energy from a fall away from the hip joint

  • the shields adapt to the body perfectly, so the hip protector is not noticeable under clothes

  • excellent breathability (test winner in EMPA test no. 448819, March 2009)

  • prevents moisture build-up and feels comfortable against skin

  • minimises skin irritation such as reddening and itching

  • pants are very comfortable to wear - no irritating seams

  • high percentage of elastane ensures a perfect fit, which also makes the pants suitable for incontinent users

  • Medical product, CE marked

Also available in Female, Male and Open models as shown below

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