Defender Reha Car Seat

Heading 3

The Positioning 2-in-1 Special Needs Car Seat

Harness Mode: Weight of child: 22 - 65 lb & Height: 27 - 57"
Booster Mode: Weight of child: 40 - 110 lb & Height: 34 - 57"

The Defender Reha allows children with special needs 360° of impact protection. The head, trunk and thighs supports, combined with our unique accessories, offer many positioning options. The seat allows for growth while remaining narrow enough for a second car seat as well as another child to fit in the back seat.

  • Defender Reha AND all accessories exceed US FMVSS 213 and Canadian CMVSS 213 standards

  • Head, trunk and thighs positioning supports INCLUSIVE

  • 5-point harness provides additional support in Booster Mode for children weighing 40 to 110 lbs

  • Special Needs accessories available

  • Cup/snack holder, chest clip & soft harness covers

  • Optional Swivel Plate

  • 2 years manufacturer's guarantee