Knee Walkers

After suffering an injury to and/or recovering from lower leg, ankle, or foot surgery, typically you’d be sentenced to several weeks or longer of non-weight bearing misery on crutches. With the introduction of knee walkers and knee scooters, you now have the ability to Change Your Outcome – experiencing life on your terms rather than being limited by crutches.

Being sentenced to crutches makes normal everyday activities painful, dangerous, and in many cases impossible. KneeRover® products enable you to safely get back in action – at home, at work and recreationally. There are many things Knee Walkers make it easy to do that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish with crutches:


  • Carry your breakfast or coffee to the table

  • Work standing up with 2 hands free

  • Walk the dog

  • Shop at the mall

  • Prepare dinner & clean the house

  • Keep up with your children

  • Go on a dream vacation with lots of walking

  • Walk down the aisle

  • Have fun at a park – off road


Economy Knee Scooter
Knee Cycle Deluxe
All Terrain
knee walker