Advanced Chair/Bed Alarm

No Nurse Call

The Advanced Series Alarm is a premium alarm that is easy to operate, reliable, and offers superior features to other alarms currently on the market. Ergonomically designed with the facility in mind, this alarm is reliable, efficient, and quick to respond. This alarm incorporates all of the features you ever wanted. This is the alarm you have been waiting for!

It is compatible with most manufacture’s alarm sensor pads, as well as buckle and velcro seatbelt sensor attachments. All Advanced Series Alarms work with floor sensor pads. Simply switch the control and the alarm turns into a floor sensor monitor! This enables these alarms to be used with all sensor products in the facility.


  • Auto-Reset – Automatically resets when pressure is reapplied to the sensor pad.
  • Visual Signaling – Top mounted flashing lights helps to verify that the monitor is armed (slow green flash) and locate the monitor when alarming (fast red flash) – perfect for nighttime use.
  • Hidden dual button reset – Helps deter resident tampering while offering easy access for staff.
  • Meets JCAHO guidelines – Alarm is always in the on position, making it impossible for staff to forget to turn the alarm on, and preventing the alarm from being accidentally turned off.
  • Compatibility – Can be used with most companies bed and chair sensor pads as well as both velcro and buckle seatbelt sensors and with Proactive’s floor sensor pads.
  • Mounting bracket – Easily attaches to practically all wheelchairs and beds.
  • Mounting strap – easily detachable strap offers the facility more mounting options.
  • Strain relief – avoid having to replace sensor pads because of ripped cords.
  • Volume options – Low and high volume option offers the caregiver the option to adjust the alarm to the required volume.
  • Tone options – different tones allow you to choose the sound that works for you.
  • Screw option – optional screw to close the battery cover making the alarms controls only accessible to facility staff.
  • 0-2 second delay options helps reduce false alarms (for restless residents).
  • Pad-Floor option enables all alarms to work with floor sensor pads.
  • Low battery alert.
  • Multiple alarm tones.
  • Color options available – Standard color options include; black, white, off-white. Most other colors are available upon request.
  • Operates on one 9V battery
  • 1 Year warranty.