Autonomy, Everyday, Everywhere

The Tactee® system is a set of assistive devices designed to restore autonomy and independence in daily activities of people with mono or bilateral functional grasping deficits that aims to improve their quality of life.

Nowadays people suffering from pathologies such as tetraplegia, hemiplegia post stroke, multiple sclerosis or all those morbid events involving a functional grasping deficiency require intensive care of various figures such as therapists, family members and/or care givers to carry out their everyday activities.

The Tactee®system returns functional autonomy and independence in different daily activities such as eating, drinking, writing, etc.; eliminating the caregiver who’s been considered indispensable so far.

This is possible thanks to a series of tools which are useful for performing various functions, coupled to a grip element that is worn to the hand, that allows hooking and unlocking and that can replace the various tools in an easy, fast and autonomous way.

The system, with 3 different grasping element sizes, includes special cutlery and dapters that make possible to use them with various common items such as pens, toothbrushes or razors and so on.